Guerilla Film Grind by Derrick Muhammad

This Book is designed to help the ultra low budget or no budget Filmmaker succeed in a step by step process on how to shoot a feature film for little to nothing. 

Guerilla Film Grind e-book
  • Guerilla Film Grind e-book
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Guerilla Film Grind (E-Book) was born of my desire to share my philosophy on how to make a movie outside the Hollywood parameters...My approach is Raw, Uncut, Honest and in Your Face...process from Pen to Distribution.

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Gale & The Storm DVD AVAILABLE $20

Gale & The Storm DVD
  • Gale & The Storm DVD
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Gale Storm ( Karyn White) who at the height of her career walks away from the music industry thanks to feelings of betrayal. Until 7 years later she meets Hannibal (Derrick Muhammad) a once former successful music producer who eventually helps get her back into the game.

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