1.Are you stuck ?

2.Do you want this year to be the year to make your movie?

3.Do you want to learn the fundamental steps on how to make a movie regardless of finance?

4. Do you want become a filmmaker? 

5.Do you need help with  your project?   

Get advice from an independent maverick filmmaker who has done it  from pen to distribution

who can guide you  to the best ways to achieve your filmmaking goals.  

Derrick Muhammad  is a filmmaker with over 20 years experience. Derrick has produced a variety of short films ,  feature , webseries, television pilots on various budget levels.  

Want to find out how Derrick can help you?  

Ask your questions and book your free  30 minute consultation below.  


1.  Consultation  flat fee $250.00  for 3 sessions

Tailor a consultation that works for you and your needs. Hourly consultations are ideal for specific issues on different areas including but not limited to:  

Personal development / How to jump-start your career  
Ideas on how to get your script off your desk and onto screen  
Perfecting your project pitch  
Identifying the target market for your project and the right budget level  
Casting consulting  
Dealing with SAG , Ultra Low Budget agreements and paperwork or Non Union agreements. 
Finding film financing and the right production companies for your project  
Building your production team and hiring your crew  
Creating a viable production plan  
Film project analysis for marketability and viability  
Identifying the best festival strategy and type of distribution  
Creating a marketing plan for a project  
Foreign sales consulting  
Distribution consulting  
Increasing your profile as a filmmaker / actor / writer  

2.  Script Coverage and Notes  

You only have one shot at sending your script to a producer, director, financier or manager. If you have just finished a script and want to be sure that it is market ready, this could be an invaluable service for you. Get script coverage and constructive notes from Derrick Muhammad, who has succeeded in getting many scripts into production.    

     a.  Script Coverage and Detailed Notes  

$200 one full session  

     b.  Script Coverage and Detailed Notes, and 1hr One-on-One Consultation  

Fee: $350 one full session

3.  Project-based Consultation  

Need to bring on a producer with extensive industry experience to give your investors confidence or just help you avoid mistakes and be there for guidance?  Derrick experienced in all areas of film production. He works regularly as a consulting producer on independent film projects. 

 Inquire below to get more information on discounted fees for long-term consultation. 


Inquire here to book a free 30 min initial consultation with Derrick Muhammad, ask a question, or get more information on hiring Derrick as a producer. Each inquiry is responded in 24-48 hours with potential dates/times for the session.

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